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Trustware Licensing
All distributions are strictly subject to the CPS Trustware Licensing. Please read the licensing terms thoroughly before you download evaluation or registered kits. Thank you.

Subscription & Upgrade Policy
Before you purchase a subscription, it is important that you read my Subscription & Upgrade policy to understand what your subscription entitles you to.

All items may be purchased by credit card. Source code will be available for download immediately upon verification of payment.
Your purchase is guaranteed with a full refund policy if you choose not to use IBO within six months of your initial subscription date.

Product Description Link to Shopping Site Price (USD)
IBO 5 Data Access Bundle
 Core ,  Native Access ,  Native Visual ,  TDataset  and  Tools .
IBO 5 Productivity Bundle
 Full Text Search ,  Replication ,  Service Application Framework  and  WEB modules .
All modules bundled together
Current specials
  1. I am including the  GSG  as a FREE bonus with the purchase of any Bundle.

Latest Edition 1.2
Update 1.2.8
"The GSG" - basic IBO concepts & techniques
Single Modules

For details, full licensing and partial licensing prices, CLICK HERE.

Training and Support
IBO Training Services Please ask   
IBO Major Support Instance    
IBO Minor Support Instance    

These tools are distributed AS-IS. No damages as a direct or indirect result of using these tools can be claimed against the provider. Please use at your own risk.

Partial Contributor Licenses

Partial contributor licenses and upgrades to individual product lines are available to those who want to use IBO for developments that are unprofitable or not yet in production and who cannot afford to support the product at the full contributor license rate yet.

Partial license details are on the Modules page.

Free Software
If you are a non-profit organization or are using these for educational purposes then a free license can be obtained. Please inquire.

I am also willing to barter licensing for contributions to the package. If you have a new control or an enhancement of some sort to any of the existing components I will gladly consider trading a license to my code to include yours.