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IBO Tech Info Sheets
A collection of How-To topics on specific techniques or features you can employ with IB Objects
BDE-to-IBO Migration Guide Some IBO Basic Concepts
Working with IBO Datasets Working with Transactions
Working with Master-Detail Structures Working with Fields & Params
Working with IBO Data-aware Controls Working with Currency and Scaled Numeric Data Types
Moving to Client/Server An Auditable Series of Numbers
Handling Exceptions - Delphi, CPPB, IBO and Firebird/InterBase DML Caching
Transaction Tutorial Using IBO with CPP Builder
Installing the IBO Help File A Commit-Rollback Interface for Users
Install notes for IBO v. 3.x Deploying an IBO Application
The IBO Datapump Utility Using IBO Sources & Helpfile
Using Firebird 1.5 Database Aliases RAD with IBO
Migration Notes for IBO v.4.7  

BDE-to-IBO Migration Guide

Step-by-step How-To on migrating your existing BDE/InterBase or Firebird app to the IBO TDataset-compatible data access components. Complete with two practice conversions to try out first. (WinHelp file, 29 Kb, last updated 2 Aug 2002)

Some IBO Basic Concepts

Some notes about basic concepts in using the native TIB_* classes and the VCL-compatible TIBO* data access classes. (WinHelp file, 7 Kb, last updated 7 Nov 2001)

Working with IBO Datasets

Choosing and using an IB Objects dataset. (WinHelp file, 24 Kb, last updated 12 Aug 2001)

Working with Transactions

Logical, physical, explicit transactions, basic transaction concepts. (WinHelp file, 15 Kb.last updated 13 Aug 2001)

Working with Master-Detail Structures

Special features in IBO for implementing master-detail UIs for table maintenance and searching. (WinHelp file, 225 Kb, last updated 31 Oct 2001)

Working with Fields & Params

How IBO implements the concept of "fields" and an introduction to the huge range of options available for handling column objects in your applications. (23 Kb, last updated 12 Apr 2002)

Working with IBO Data-aware Controls

Understanding how the native IBO controls integrate with the dataset components. Tech notes and walk-throughs. (WinHelp file, 15 Kb, last updated 17 Sep 2001)

Working with Currency and Scaled Numeric Data Types

Geoff Worboys compiled this commentary on issues that arise with currency in Delphi/IBO and with scaled numerics within the Firebird/IB database engine itself. (Rich text, 16Kb, last updated 1 Jan 2002)

Moving to Client/Server

A discussion of the database and application interface issues you need to address when moving your application from a desktop database to Client/Server. (WinHelp file, 53 Kb, last updated 13 Mar 2001)

Also available: Pdox2IB utility for converting a Paradox or dBase database to InterBase. Program creates a DDL script, generators, indices, allows editing before running the script to create the objects and has a datapump option. The Info file is a How-to and can be invoked from the toolbar. READ IT FIRST. Careful attention is needed to doing things in the right sequence. (Executable, 713 Kb)

An Auditable Series of Numbers

Sometimes, auditors require you to maintain an unbroken, auditable series of document numbers. Usually, generators are not recommended because it is unsafe to 'recycle' generated numbers that become unused through rollbacks. This paper explains a technique for working around this limitation in a multi-user environment. Still don't use document numbers for primary keys, though! (Tech Info sheet in rich text format, Delphi project requires IB Objects, script for test database supplied. Total download 14 Kb, last updated 13 Mar 2001)

Handling Exceptions - Delphi, CPPB, IBO and Firebird/InterBase

A discussion of exception handling in Delphi, CPPB, IBO and on the server. (PDF file, 195 Kb, last updated 22 Feb 2002)

DML Caching

Explore this notification system which you can activate to keep all of the datasets synchronized throughout your application. Learn how to extend the scope of DML Caching to synchronize the datasets of all clients in your network so that, when one user executes DML, other users receive the updates. (WinHelp file, 32 Kb, last updated 12 Mar 2001)

Transaction Tutorial

More in-depth look at transactions and the properties and methods you can use with them. (WinHelp file, 315 Kb, last updated 13 Aug 2001)

Using IBO with CPP Builder

Beginning of a collection of tips and tricks for installing and using IBO with Borland C++Builder. (WinHelp file, 12 Kb, last updated 23 March 2003)

Installing the IBO Help File

Ruud Luiten shares some tips for manually installing the IBO help into the Delphi 5 OpenHelp system. (Rich text, 6 Kb, last updated 22 Jun 2002)

A Commit-Rollback Interface for Users

Russell Belding explains how to do this very simply, using the hidden capabilities - literally! - of TIB_TransactionBar in combination with your own custom buttons. (Help file and Project, 125 Kb, needs the Contact.gdb database from the ..\Samples\Contact project. Last updated 3 Sep 2001)

Install notes for IBO v. 3.x

Directions for installing the IBO v.3 components (Plain text, 4 Kb, right click on the link and choose Save To.. Last updated 14 May 2002)

Deploying an IBO Application

There's very little to it! Handy checklist. (Rich text, 4Kb, last updated 7 Nov 2001)

The IBO Datapump Utility

A graphical walk-through of the steps to set up and run the Datapump utility in IB_SQL. (WinHelp file, 273 Kb, last updated 13 Mar 2001)

Using IBO Sources & Helpfile

Describes how to navigate the IBO source code and how to find your way around the object-oriented help file. (WinHelp file, 188 Kb, last updated 12 Mar 2003)
Graphical browser for the IBO 4 helpfile, with Digital Logikk T2H browser engine (Two files zipped, 427 Kb, for latest help file.)

Using Firebird 1.5 Database Aliases

Simple steps for taking advantage of Firebird 1.5 database aliasing, from Peter Chaisty. (PDF file, 90 Kb, last updated 8 June 2003, left-click view, right-click download)

RAD with IBO

Written by Marco Menardi, who says "I'm not an IBO guru, but I'm sure I've something to say that can be interesting, at least for beginners. It's only a draft but reading these brief notes along with the tech sheets could contribute also to your development." Criticisms and contributions welcome. (65 Kb, contains the same document in both PDF and OpenOffice .sxw formats).

Migration Notes for IBO v.4.7

A collection of notes about some issues with legacy code when upgrading to IBO v.4.7 (PDF file, 22 Kb, last updated 23 February 2007, left-click view, right-click download)