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  OLE-DB Driver for Firebird and IB 6.x

30 May 2003
It's almost three years since I kicked off this project. It went quiet after that, when the OPTK developer Binh Li decided not to port his framework beyond Delphi 5.

Now the good news is that Fabricio Araujo (Brazil) has picked it up, obtained some source code from Binh Li, and has compiled OPTK on Delphi 6 and 7. This will at least provide the chance for anyone interested to move forward with this.

In the hope that our OLE-DB driver project can now move forward again, I am running a diary of developments as they occur.


30 May 2003 Fabricio Araujo The problem:
Optk binary code was compiled in D5. Need the full source (including the full source of wizard) to make it work. And the source of wizard weren't supplied nor available in navigable link in techvanguards. I asked Binh Li and he sent me the wizard's code.
I'll send for you my code (which can compile in D6 - but I haven't tested yet) and the original D5 code.
I'll make a tutorial more complete than the install notes - including the steps I had to follow to recompile the source ( really, it's a little weird ).
And I had to change a few lines of code to satisfy the D7 compiler - which gave errors the code in the first tries.
Note.: Your 'protocol' idea in the driver gave some ideas...

17 June 2000 Jason Wharton I have had an OLE-DB driver for InterBase 6.x working for a while now. I had hoped to add more capabilities for review before sending it out but I have been otherwise occupied. Rather than keep holding it back, I figured it would be worthwhile to show you what there is, so we all at least have somewhere to start.

My first order of enhancement is to get it to process a SELECT statement. That will be easy...

It's a start! Comments and feedback are appreciated.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

What I am looking for the most is the command interface syntax that other ADO compliant interfaces expect. I would like to know the standards in this segment of the industry, etc.

(Delphi 5 and below)

  • Go to the OPTK SITE and download the OLE DB Provider Development Toolkit
  • Install it on your machine
  • Go to the ..\IBO\AddOn folder where your IBO source is, get the file OPTk_IBO.zip and extract it to a folder of your choice.
    (I added a ..\IBO\ sub-folder to the one that the OPTk files are in).
  • Open Delphi and open the IBO.dpr project.
  • On the Delphi menu, select Run|Register ActiveX Server.
    It should give you the message that the IBO.dll has been registered.
  • Open the Client.dpr and run it.
  • Put in your database path with a comma and a table name.
    Don't use a really large table. It will do a fetch all.
  • Your username and password need to be SYSDBA and masterkey.
    Alternatively, set the environment variables ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD.
  • Click the FetchAll button and you will see the data.