Revision Date: March 14, 2000

IB_WISQL - Version 3.4 B

This tool is written using InterBase Objects. Thus, it directly accesses the InterBase API and does not use the BDE or ODBC!

It's purpose is to provide a "one-stop shopping" place for working with and administering InterBase databases.

It is also a great tool for testing queries before making them a part of your application.

This tool serves as a great introduction to those who want to use InterBase Objects to create their own BDE/ODBC free applications. Each major component of the InterBase Objects suite is surfaced in this utility along with their essential properties and methods.

In most cases, the naming convention is kept the same such that one who is familiar with this tool should easily become familiar with IB Objects. In fact, the forms for this utility also serve as component editors at design-time when working with IB Access components. Just double-click on them to see.

The following topics contain a systematic description of some of the features and capabilities of this tool.

Use of System Registry

All preferences and settings for this tool can be found in the system registry. They can be found at:


This tool keeps track of its last position on the screen and the widths of various list boxes. It also has a system of keeping track of your connections, statements, cursors, queries, scripts, events, etc. so that you can refer back to them without having to frequently re-type them.

Underneath the base key are kept a series of sub keys that are used to store settings and preferences for individual layouts. Thus, this tool can keep track of multiple states as well.

Try this out!

Put a copy of IB_WISQL.EXE on your desktop. (Or wherever you want it.) Then, find a GDB file and double click on it. Browse and select IB_WISQL.EXE and associate it to the GDB extension. Now, is all you have to do is double-click on and you're ready to go.

When browsing directories on a remote server you may need to add in the server's drive letter.

Also, use the Delphi code editor for your SQL DDL & DML scripts. It has good syntax highlighting. Your file's extension needs to be SQL though.