How To...

Topics in this section are very specific. Generally step-by-step instructions on how to perform particular tasks. Obviously such specific instructions have a single specific result, which is not necessarily going to be what is needed for every application. The intention of these articles is to guide new users into how to get started with IBO. When building your own applications it is recommended that you refer to the Working With... section for more general discussions about the background and possibilities available with various components.

Topics include...

   Convert BDE to IBO
   Distribute an IBO application
   Maintain a Pure Sequence
   Export Data to Text Files
   Use IBO in an ISAPI module
   Manage NULL Column States (Work in Progress)
   Setup Master-Detail Relationships (Work in Progress)
   Efficiently Access Large Tables (Work in Progress)
   Implement Searching on Forms (Work in Progress)
   Implement User Management (Work in Progress)
   Use InfoPower Controls with IBO (Work in Progress)
   Use ReportBuilder with IBO (Work in Progress)
   Use ReportPrinter with IBO (Work in Progress)