Export data to text files

Using the TIB_Export component it is possible to export files which follow the BDE's ASCIDRV file format. Properties to define customized delimiter and separator characters are also provided.

In the IB_WISQL tool there are forms to automate this process for you. See either the Export or Dump buttons on the Connection tab. Export is for typing in a custom query and Dump is for selecting tables and columns for the whole database and dumping them out to numerous text files in a complete operation.

As far as importing goes I leave this up to writing a simple INSERT INTO ... statement in an IB_DSQL component and your own means of access to your data. It is really easy to write data import apps but it is not especially easy to write a generic tool that will serve all cases very well. I especially don't want to add the bulk of reading and writing other file formats to the IBO engine.