What is IBO?

A suite of over 60 components that give the 32bit Delphi 2 Pro and above, C++ Builder 3 Pro and above and InterBase 4.x and above developers the ultimate set of tools for creating powerful and high performance client/server applications.

IBO has done for the InterBase API what Delphi has done for the Windows API!

With IBO you can eliminate both the BDE and ODBC from your applications. Access will be direct to the InterBase API.

With IBO you can still use standard data aware controls and report writers. There are even two special InfoPower based components to allow usage of all IP controls. Replacements for TDatabase, TQuery and TTable are virtually identicle and readily convert to IBO. IBO even supports cached updates and the new Delphi 5 MIDAS extensions.

IBO also comes with a rich supply of its own native visual controls for the front-end GUI developers. Many features not found in other data-aware components are built right into these. Very robust and comprehensive searching mechanisms enable users to have full searching without writing a single line of application code.

IBO is also written with the middle-tier application server, CGI, WIN-CGI, ISAPI, NSAPI type of high performance/stability demanding application developers in mind. These tools will have a tight and high performance core. They are proven in multi-threaded applications.

I have also provided a SQL trace monitor so that the developer can get in behind the scenes and make sure that the server is being dealt with in the most optimal fashion. This is an essential tool to ensure you are delivering the best possible product to your customers. It is indispensible when it comes to tracking down performance bottlenecks and gathering information to resolve them.