What IBO Doesn't Support

Here is a list of BDE stuff IBO doesn't support (based on Delphi 4) and some hints on how to deal with the differences.

The majority of this is stuff that IBO makes obsolete or irrelevant. The parts relevant to typical applications will be supported, if not already. Those that I intend to support in the future are underlined.

IBO does have a TIB_Session component. Under most circumstances IBO handles sessions in multi-threaded apps automatically via thread local storage mechanisms.

In some cases, like an ISAPI module, where explicit session control is required TIB_Session adequately replaces TSession. There is nothing like session naming or directory hassle to worry about with IBO.

HINT: Make sure the session component is first in the creation order for the form or module that it is on.


Directory, Exclusive, Locale, Session, SessionAlias, SessionName, Temporary and TraceFlags are not directly supported.

ValidateName is not supported.

CacheBlobs, ExpIndex, Handle and Locale types and properties are not directly supported.

GetDetailLinkFields and GetProviderAttributes methods are not supported.

BatchMove, CloseIndexFile, LockTable, OpenIndexFile, RenameTable and UnlockTable methods.

DefaultIndex, Exclusive, IndexFiles, IndexNames, TableLevel and TableType are not supported.

HINT: BatchMove method calls can be commented out and implemented later on using the TIB_Export or TIB_DataPump component or other means depending on where the data was being moved to or from.

Constrained, Local, SQLBinary, StmtHandle and Text are not directly supported.

Overload and ParamBindMode are not supported.

IBO does not have a direct equivalent of this component. It does however have three components that perform useful portions of the task of moving data around. They are TIB_DataPump, TIB_Import and TIB_Export. These specialize in InterBase to InterBase and to and from TXT, CSV and DBF file formats.

Revised for IBO4