InterBase Objects is the sole property of CPS - Computer Programming Solutions of Mesa Arizona USA.

Evaluation License

If you have an evaluation version then these files and any of their contents should only be redistributed together in their original form. Modifications must be approved by the author.

The evaluation version may be freely distributed without my permission and included in publications that even charge for their products or services without any royalty to me. I want to encourage the distribution of the evaluation version as much as I can.

Registered License
Registration of a purchased license is valid only for the developer in whose name the original registration was made or, in a case where ownership was transferred, the developer to whom it was transferred. Site licenses may also be negotiated at substantial savings to cover departments or small organizations.

Copying of the source and components shall be permitted only for backup or archiving purposes.
If there are other developers in your organization who will use the source or components please ensure that each individual has a license properly registered to his or her name.

Under no circumstances is it acceptable to disclose the source to any third party who does not hold a license in his or her own name, except with the express permission of CPS.

Compiled products from IBO that do not compete in any way with IBO are not subject to any royalty charges. Please contact the author
if you have any questions regarding this.

Free Licensing

I generously permit various free licenses. The concept is that all who use IBO for commercial gain that do not in some way contribute to IBO should purchase a license for commercial use. All others may inquire about being granted a free license.

I even permit commercial licenses pending that one's project turns out to be profitable, at which time the license would be purchased after the fact. If you can't make a profit using IBO then I don't feel you should have to pay for it.

I want IBO to be thought of as being just like a true Open Source product but I still want the basis of my income to be a licensing fee rather than support. I view the support aspects of my product as its lifeblood. Plus, I like the motivation and satisfaction that comes from helping people without having to charge money for it. For me, if I were to start charging money for general support it would spoil the fun of it.

With my approval, there is no charge for access to these components and their sources for those who will not be profiting financially by their use or who are contributing to it. For example, this may include but is not limited to:

·Hobbyists wanting to extend their skills in their free time.  
·Students or instructors wanting to use them for educational curriculum.  
·Non-profit organizations like St. Mary's Food Bank, United Way, etc.  
·Religious organizations centered on their respective diety and that are committed to the common good and freedom of all mankind.  
·Open source projects that are not geared towards generating financial profits directly or indirectly.  
·Individules or organizations who contribute support in the various public forums, bug cases and fixes, enhancements, new components or controls, sample applications, tutorials, "How To ..." articles, marketing materials for promoting IBO, etc.