General Tasks with Fields and Parameters

Working with fields and parameters is very much like using the automatically generated ones in the VCL. A major difference is that in the native IBO components there is no fields editor where static field references are able to be used.

Fields and parameters are not available until the statement or dataset is prepared. You do not need to setup the name and types of hte input parameters. InterBase does this for you automatically.

Use the Fields[] and Params[] properties just like you would in the VCL. Be aware that these properties are a lot more than just an array to get at the fields. It is actually a class that has a number of properties and methods that may be of use. See the TIB_Row class documentation for more information.

Using the FindParam(), ParamByName(), FindField() and FieldByName() methods is also exactly the same as in the VCL.

These properties and methods give you a TIB_Column reference for both fields and parameters. It is very similar to the TField and TParam objects. It has a lot more properties and methods which cater to delivering the full range of information and functionality that InterBase provides.