Building the Tutorials and Samples

[Article by Geoff Worboys]

The demonstrations projects distributed with IBObjects were built with various versions of Delphi and/or C++Builder. If you have a compatible version (Delphi for Delphi projects or C++Builder for C++Builder projects) then you should simply be able to open the demonstration projects provided.

NOTE: You may need (or want) to change some of the directory settings to suit your own installation.

If you have a older version of Delphi or C++Builder, than was used to create the demonstration, you may need to create your own project. To do this...

1. Create a new application using the standard "Application" template from File/New.

2. Add the main form unit from the demonstration project (eg. MainForm.*)

3. Remove the blank form that was created by default in the when you created the application.

4. Add an other forms and/or datamodules required by the particular demonstration.

5. This should leave the demonstration form as your new MainForm for the application. You should then be able to build and run the demonstration.

C++Builder Users

C++Builder should be able to build and run any of the demonstrations that were built with a compatible version of Delphi, using the instructions above. However you will NOT be able add/remove components from a Delphi-created form at designtime - but you should be able to alter properties on existing components.