My name is Jason LeRoy Wharton. I was born in a very small town in the state of Idaho of the United States of America. I grew up in a small farming community and learned the value of hard work from very early on. I am now living in the state of Arizona. I work in the Arizona State Capitol as a client/server specialist.

I graduated from Mesa High School in 1988 and continued my college education for almost 4 years going to DeVry Institute of Technology studying Electronic Engineering and continued at Mesa Community College in their CSE Computer Systems Engineering program. I have yet to actually earn a college degree.

I have many hobbies and enjoy many sports. I love the outdoors and also enjoy reading good books. I believe in Jesus Christ and do my best in life to live in a manner that exemplifies this. It is the greatest challenge too! But, living a life in accordance with the principles and teachings of Christ lead to the greatest joy and fulfillment for now and forever.

I have a small family of my own that I love dearly and would be remiss if I did not give my wife Sara a note of thanks for her patience and support of this project. Without this IBO would only have been a dream in my head, never to become a reality. Thanks Sara!

Thank you for taking a personal interest in me and I wish you the best in your life. I would also be pleased to share more of my beliefs about Christ with you. Please inquire.

I can be contacted via email at or send a letter to:

Jason Wharton
619 N. Macdonald St.
Mesa AZ 85201